Sunday, February 21, 2010


One of the great underrated recordings of all time...kind of a "Kind Of Blue" of folk music from the 60s..Eric was a prolific painter and illustrator, writer, and a blues man with a painter's soul and a poet's wit...but this Prestige recording, with Geoff Muldaur on 2nd guitar, the unique Mel Lyman on mouth harp, liner notes by Richard Farina stands above all else he recorded.. it is just one of those sessions where something was in the air and it got put down on wax...seems almost unknown and that has always escaped me...the original "Joshua Gone Barbados" is one did it better..great musical pathos..great words...come on... someone put this out again !

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roldo said...

Thanks for this - its a hard album to find. Did you leave "Edward Teller" & "Acne" off for a reson?