Saturday, December 11, 2010


Photo Credit: Christian Rose

In line with the previous post, it keeps nagging at me just how special these two artists are and how rare they are in today's world. I wish someone could tell me why there is no biography of Herbie !!!
Truly brothers of the souls, they keep exploring and creating a classical music of our time. A music that is without boundaries, that gathers up all that has gone before and moves forward into the unknown. We really should pay great attention and respect to these voices for however much longer they are with us. Like Miles, they will not be heard again once they depart. In Japan artists are granted Living Treasure status... we should recognize as much here.
At 5:10 of this clip the two Masters demonstrate all the beauty and strength of their singular art:
Meridianne, A Wood Sylph
and from Japan in 1990:
Wayne Shorter was presented with the 2009 Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award at NYU Steinhardt's Baccalaureate Ceremony in Honor of the Class of 2009 on Monday, May 11, 2009 at Radio City Music Hall. It is a joy to hear Wayne speak.

Wayne and Joe Zawinul, of course, shared a similar connection. Any doubt that these are classical masters is done away with in this clip . Joe paints a masterful Impressionist portrait that eventually culminates in " A Silent Way" and "Boogie Woogie Waltz".
Obviously nearing the end of his life , these two clips of their last duet together is striking in the depth of emotion these two men express towards each other with just a few simple gestures and in the course of their playing. That things like this exist on Youtube, making it possible for us to experience what we otherwise could not, is a wonderful thing. Many thanks to the posters.

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